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20 MAY − 20 JULY 2019

''The story does not begin when someone tells, for example, the origin of his or someone else’s life (biography or genealogy).
It begins where I attribute relevance to this past For my present, when I direct the time stream (which I experience as a memory) to my (or someone’s) today’s life Experience (I move it from one place to other) ''./ Stepan Vaneyan /


Elena Batova


In the project of Elena Batova «Odysseus»
an album of Stockholm pictures, made by unknown Russian voyagers in 1912, recently bought at a flea market in Saint Petersburg, becomes a starting point for thinking about perpetual travel, in which the various fates of both close and unfamiliar people are randomly intertwined.

To the exhibitors I suggested at some point to become the Other — a famous person, an imaginary person, a person who was undeservedly forgotten, a person who breaks the system, makes mistakes or goes on a new journey for him/ her. In other words, try to ''get into someone else’s skin'' and tell about yourself.

Curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva


Wall is a virtual space dedicated to holding online exhibitions, so vital in the current art market in Russia today.
In addition to group and individual projects which are the result of many months collaboration in the proposed topic of the curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva and a team of photographers / photographer, interviews and material useful for development and inspiration in the framework of the exhibition will be also published at the platform.