Each author focuses on his own feeling of home, interprets and develops the theme in his own manner. Every photographer has embedded his visual statement within an unusual space - a cosy hotel on the Nevsky Avenue, not so long ago converted from several communal apartments. The location for the exhibition has not been chosen randomly, it pursues a certain purpose: the atmosphere of that small hotel refers directly to the declared theme - The Feeling Of Home. Both the multilevel space and the labyrinth of corridors and staircases allow each author not only to make an independent statement but also to personally meet the viewer within the framework of that collective project.

Elena Batova in her work «The Lost Kingdom» develops the theme of home through self-comprehension in the familiar space. Elena lives in Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg (also known as Grazhdanka). It became her permanent residence 10 years ago when finally all her mental and spatial wanderings had been left behind. For the first time in her life the author is trying to set up an individual contact with the landscape by exploring the area. She wants to make a closer connection to it, to become a part of the Grazhdanka’s chronicle and to find her lost kingdom.